Always on Splendor

I don’t know what it is about with me and slugs. Apparently I have some strange affinity for them, because they appear not only in my new science fiction adventure Always on Splendor, but in an earlier fantasy series entitled “The Prince of Cormoth Cor” which, in a merciful world, will never see the light of day.

“But… slugs,” I hear you cry. “Do I want to read about slugs?”

Well, these are very cool slugs, and I’ll tell you why.

  1. They have fur. So you don’t have to wipe your finger on the grass after you touch them.
  2. They are freaking huge, so they give more of a flat-footed rhino than a gastropod vibe.
  3. They “remember” the future. Isn’t that awesome and a little unsettling?

It’s this “remember the future” bit that gets the humans in my book all exercised. Winning lottery ticket number? Best new invention to make a billion bucks? How to avoid your own death? No sweat, just ask the bexor (which is what my slugs call themselves; these are highly intelligent slugs). Plus, they don’t have hands! What could they possibly do to us?

Space explorer Graley Rivera is charmed by the Bexors, a race of gentle, tubular giants from a nearby planet who have the uncanny ability to “remember” the future. Graley’s unexpected rapport with the mentally disjointed, image-intensive aliens turns him into an indispensable intermediary for communicating with a species that humanity is desperate to exploit. The woman Graley loves, famed explorer Catherine Griffith, leaves Earth to escort one of the Bexors to a potential colony planet in an unlikely, Bexor-identified location. On the planet, ambitiously named Splendor, the bexor-to-bexor portal is intended to provide instantaneous interstellar communication. As the mission continues, Graley struggles to help the ambitious humans and reticent Bexors get along despite increasing personal risk— and the increasing suspicion that the Bexors have an agenda of their own.

Meandering in Splendor by Marie DesJardin

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