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Technical communication in the modern workplace

Prepping eLearning content prior to localization translates into big savings

Jack Molisani - the 5th Element

After we translated our big 4-hour Core Certification course into Latin Spanish, sales were brisk and quickly earned back the translation costs. We are therefore updated the next release for this course as well.  Although over 50% of the content changed either through

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Use the Compare tool in Adobe Acrobat Pro to flag changes

whale breach

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a powerful tool for editing and publishing PDF documents. One of the features I use most often is the Compare Documents feature. This quick and easy process allows me to see at a glance the changes

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Scripting for Video

Marie DesJardin DevLearn13

At the STC Summit, I attended a wonderful presentation by Matthew Pierce of TechSmith describing “What Do Video Viewers Really Want?” His data came from over 1900 user-nominated videos that were considered “good”. The data showed that, while users preferred individual video clips to

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STC 2014 Summit

STC Summit Phoenix

I recently returned from the annual Summit of the Society for Technical Communication, a conference attended by hundreds of professionals in the technical communication field. This year the Summit took place in Phoenix, Arizona, one week before the locals told me

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DevLearn13 eLearning Conference Report

Marie DesJardin DevLearn13

The third week of October, I attended DevLearn, an annual convention in Las Vegas that is focused on the art and science of eLearning, hosted by The eLearning Guild. With less than two years of production experience, I’m relatively new

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Say It in the Air

Marie DesJardin: Say It in the Air

Sentences can be unruly things, particularly when they attempt to describe technical content. By the time you wedge in all the disclaimers and conditions, you often have cobbled together enough convoluted clauses to make a native speaker cry. The procedure

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eLearning Outpaces Traditional Training 3 to 1

Last summer, the company I currently work for introduced eLearning to their training offerings for the first time. I was the developer primarily responsible for converting the text-based materials for instructor-led classroom training into a streamlined, image-heavy eLearning course. It

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Get the Text Out: Winning over Techs by Using Less Text

This article was originally published in the 2013 Q2 issue of the STC IDeaL newsletter.  About a year ago, my high-tech company put together a small team to create an eLearning version of the instructor-led classroom training they’d offered for

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