What Where When
“From the Ground Up”
“The Problem with Reproducible Bugs”
“Long Haul”
Analog Science Fiction and Fact September 2009
January/Feb 2014
January/Feb 2017
“Mean and Clean” Compelling Science Fiction April 2016
“Birth of a Wizard” Dragontales October 1981
“Opportunity Lost” Edward Bryant’s Sphere of Influence (anthology) November 2017
“Room for Everyone” Flash Fiction Online December 2013
“Imperfect Solution” Helios Quarterly Magazine
(also featured author)
November 2016
“Human Engineering” Humans Wanted SF Anthology June 2017
“Just a Sniffle” Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds Magazine May 2013
“On the Pier” MicroHorror April 2013
“All True” Third Flatiron Anthologies  February 2016
“The Silent” Flash Me
Mustang’s Monster Corral
October 2008
February 2013
“Strike Day” Story Quest Magazine
Star Quake 2 Best of 2013
Centropic Oracle (audio)
January 2013
August 2014
May 2017
“Roadkill” 365 Tomorrows
July 2013
“Blood Pearl” Vignettes from the End of the World (Apokrupha)  April 2014
“Walking” vMeme21 August 2008
For the Time Being  Write Way Publishing (print) (Audiobook)
March 1998
December 2014

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