New Publications

For a complete list of all my publications, please see my Fiction page.


Analog Science Fiction Marie DesJardinAnalog Science Fiction and Fact, January/February 2017 issue, “Long Haul”

Captain Jubrin’s love for her nonhuman companion sustains her during long flights. At one of her stops, she learns just how far she’ll go to honor that bond. Dark SF.

Humans Wanted SF Anthology, “Human Engineering”

When you need to exhibit a lethal creature at the Interstellar Friendship conference, you can count on humans to build the enclosure in record time– can’t you? Humor.

Edward Bryant’s Sphere of Influence, “Opportunity Lost”

Captain Robert Ashby must control the malady that is causing behavioral aberrations in his crew, or the first manned mission to Mars will be lost. Hard SF/horror.


Helios Quarterly cover with Marie DesJardinHelios Quarterly Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 2
Imperfect Solution

Captain Harris has no heart, but he has a mission, which he relentlessly performs with unfeeling hands and mechanical eyes. Dark SF.

Compelling Science Fiction, Issue 1
Mean and Clean

When a unique lifeform starts to colonize Earth, who better to manage the alien invasion than a health-conscious wrestler and a dissatisfied waitress? Humor.


Third Flatiron Anthologies: It’s Come to Our Attention
“All True”

You know how you never take seriously any of those ads that make unbelievable promises? On the day she’s about to be fired, Alyssa discovers these assertions deserve a second look. Humor.