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Imperfect Solution” published in Helios Quarterly Magazine, November 2016

Captain Harris has no heart, but he has a mission, which he relentlessly performs with mechanical hands and eyes. Despite his damaged form, the yearning for life never fades. Dark SF.

Mean and Clean” published in Compelling Science Fiction, April 2016

Who better to manage an alien invasion than a wrestler and a waitress? Because I think these groups are severely underrepresented in science fiction. Humor. Compelling Science Fiction is a donation-supported Web site.

Room for Everyone” published in Flash Fiction Online, December 2013

Lt. Yuwono isn’t sure she can follow Captain Juntasa’s order to honor everyone’s holiday beliefs, given the limited space. Nondenominational holiday humor.

Strike Day” published in Story Quest Magazine, January 2013

The cheerful theme of the 2012 Story Quest Magazine contest was “disaster”, and the judges agreed I had the most disastrous story out there. This story was reprinted in “Star Quake 2: SQ Mag’s Best of 2013” anthology, August 2014. An utterly tear-jerking audio version was published in 2017 by Centropic Oracle

Roadkill” published in 365 Tomorrows, July 2013

All lifeforms should be extra wary when crossing the road. Dark SF humor.

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Opportunity Lost” published in Edward Bryant’s Sphere of Influence, November 2017

Captain Robert Ashby must control the malady that is causing behavioral aberrations in his crew, or the first manned mission to Mars will be lost. Hard SF/horror.

Human Engineering” published in Humans Wanted SF Anthology, June 2017

When you need to exhibit a lethal creature at the Interstellar Friendship conference, you can count on humans to build the enclosure in record time– can’t you? Humor.

Long Haul” published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, January/February 2017 issue

Space is a well of loneliness, but Captain Jubrin finds two friends in port who can heal her heart– or lead her to murder.

All True” published in Third Flatiron Anthologies “It’s Come to Our Attention”, February 2016

You know all those ads and magazines that make the most unbelievable promises? You know how you never take any of them seriously? On the day she’s about to be fired, Alyssa decides these assertions deserve a second look. Humor.

The Problem with Reproducible Bugs” published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, January/February 2014 issue

Is someone trying to kill Vince, or does his serial amnesia have another cause? Light-hearted geekish mystery.

Just a Sniffle” published in Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds Magazine, May 2013

Can you catch an alien invasion as easily as you catch a cold? Humor, and some actual science.

“Strike Day” published in Star Quake 2: SQ Mag’s Best of 2013 anthology, August 2014

Where the worst of events meets man’s love for his family. Dark SF.

“Blood Pearl” published in Apokrupha’s Vignettes from the End of the World, April 2014

You can’t escape what they’ve put inside you. Dark SF.